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Safety Tips For Jogging

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Woman running from man in dark


1. Be aware of your surroundings. Always know the

route you are planning.

2. It is easy to get caught up in music or just blanking

out things around you . Because you have always jogged

without trouble - it is a mistake not to take precaution . 

Keep one ear free to hear anyone behind you . Be watchful 

of anyone coming toward you . Have a game plan in mind if 

you need to react .

3. Change your route regularly and be suspicious of anyone

 that seems to be following you .

4. Be certain to share your jog and route with someone 

and when you are expected back.

5. Be sure to carry your charged cell phone and be sure someone

will be available to contact in an emergency.

6. It is a good idea to have safety tools while jogging , such as

an alarm with wrist band or pepper gel with hand strap. Check

our products on our web site.Be sure to carry a flashlight or 

headlamp if running at night. If you must run at night you

could choose to run on a tract with other runners.

7. Joggers love the independence of the time alone - however

it is very foolish to avoid total precaution for your safety .We

have listed several tips you are likely familiar with but do not 

take seriously . Don't take a chance by letting your guard down .

Your safety is not a promise -rather a warning!


We have more tips and safety tools to help you have a safe jog .For

more information refer to our product page or call 870-275-0571




5. Carry A Self-Defense Tool

Pepper spray, our stun ring, or a light personal alarm would be something to consider using on your jogs. You never know what could happen, so be prepared!

6. Avoid Distractions While Running

Music is great to help get you in the right mode when running. It gets the blood pumping, the energy flowing, and can be a great help. BUT, it can also be a damper to your senses. Avoid running with music, or at the very least control the volume and limit the headphones to one ear. You should be focused on your surroundings and music can be a distraction.

7. Charge Your Phone

If you carry your phone or use a smart watch when you jog, make sure that it has a full charge before you start your route. You want to have the appropriate amount of battery life if something were to happen and you needed to call for help for some reason.

8. Be Cautious of What Your Wear

Don’t look like an easy target. Wearing your hair in a ponytail will allow your attacker an easier way to grab you. Be sure to wear reflective material. Don’t wear a hat; this limits your vision.

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