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7 Tips to Home Safety

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

1. Get Good Locks & Alarms

Make sure that you have good locks and alarms on all of your doors (interior and exterior) and windows. These don't have to be expensive solutions, but they should be loud and there should be plenty of them used on common entrances/ exits.

Check out our Mini Window Alarm!

2. Avoid Stranger Danger

Never open a door for a stranger. Period. Always check to see who is at the door before you open it. It might also be helpful to let someone you are with at home know you are answering the door.

3. Get A Door Chain Backup

Don't rely on those door chains. Metal doesn't keep its strength forever. If you are using a door chain, it may also be beneficial to have a backup method to keep people out in the event that it fails on you in a moment of need. Be sure to use jams on sliding doors as well as chains. 

4. Maintain The Illusion

We live in a world of smart technology that can help you present the illusion that you are home when you may be away on vacation, staying late at work, or just simply aren't at your residence. Apps and tech like Hue by Philips and the Apple HomePod can be life savers. They let you set timers to turn on/ off your lamps, overhead lights, flood lights, etc. to keep the illusion alive that you are home.

5. Check Your Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are convenient for those of us who are great entertainers and allow for a great flow from inside to outside. However, they are also huge targets for robbers. There are a number of tools you can use to secure your sliding doors - other than that wooden stick - that will alert you that someone is attempting to burglarize your home.

6. Go Around Your Perimeter

Open your blinds, curtains or shades and walk around your house and see what is visible. If you can see it, someone else can too. Try not to leave boxes of new merchandise outside.  This lets burglars know that you have ordered new items.

7. Keep Drapes & Blinds Shut

The last thing you want to do is open your home up to 'window shoppers'. Keep your drapes and blinds shut to deter theft. If they can't see it, they don't know you have it to take it from you.

8. Do Regular Exterior Checks

Most home owners protect the inside of their homes well, but fall short when it comes to protecting the outside. Make sure that you are regularly checking exteriors to look for signs of attempted breaking and entering, but also to make sure that your flood and security/ motion lights are still in good working condition. Our 3 way Blackjack is an excellent tool to flash a bright light, use for a loud alarm or be a stun gun for protection. 

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