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Auto Safety

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Vehicle safety comes in many shapes and sizes and your situation can change in a moments notice. For tips about surviving during flooding, check out our blog. Here, we will give tips on a few of the most important things to remember.

Make sure you keep the gas tank filled!

Don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere without gas. You don’t know who could be around or who could stop to “check” on you.

Keep a charger in the car -- and keep your phone charged!

You might not have service everywhere, but you will always have a way to document your experience. If you're lost without service, take notes while trying to find your way back. A dead phone won’t help anybody.

Wear your seat belt

Wear your seat belt in every seat. They are designed to protect you if you find yourself in an accident.

Keep tools in the car

We have a Car Kit that is equipped with a variety of tools. You can keep tools in the console so it is easy to get to when you need them. The best tool to have in your vehicle is the Black Jack.

Keep windows up and locked

If you have car trouble, do not get out of the vehicle. Stay in your car, call for help and keep the windows up and locked. Call the State or local police. 911 will direct your call to someone that will be able to help you. Tell them where you are. If you feel worried, call someone that can stay on the phone with you while the police come to your rescue. If someone tries to stop and help you, do not open the window. Let them know that the police are on the way and will be arriving soon.

Keep an eye on your vehicle if you are going out of town

Thieves look for out of state tags on license plates. They don’t think you will go to trial if you are from out of town. Stay alert.

Say NO to panhandlers

Do NOT open your window to give money, food -- etc to the homeless. They can grab your hand, reach in and unlock your door, and pull you out.--- you are gone.

Notice Strange Situations

With a vehicle in front of you (bad guy), a vehicle can pull up behind you and get on your bumper to block you in. They then have passengers in their vehicles rush out of their car and try to get into yours to take you and your car. Do your best to avoid this situation by varying your speed. This will cause trouble for them and they will most likely abandon the rouse.

Weather Precaution

In bad weather - take precautions. Do not drive in water. For more information about surviving during flooding, check out our blog. If you can, turn around and go another way.


Have GPS on your vehicle and make sure someone knows where you are. Make sure they can see your location at all times.

Take a Look

Always look in the back seat before you take off. Make sure that you are alone and safe.

Following these simple vehicle tips can save your life. Click here to see a full list of products that will protect you in dangerous situations. -- it just might save your life.

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