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Campus Safety Tips

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

1. Put Campus On Speed Dial

Add your campus security phone number to your

phone and make it easily accessible if you are in

danger. Additionally, find out about the resources

the campus offers such as blue light phone stations,

escort services, safety maps and safety apps.

2. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Scan the area before approaching unfamiliar places

like ATMs. When getting into your car ,check the backseat

or under the car. A predator could be hiding in these

locations. Know your blind spots where you are most

vulnerable for an attacker.

3. Learn How To Defend Yourself

Knowing how to protect yourself won't only be handy if

you were ever attacked ,but it can give you confidence

and empowerment. Check out the school's activities. There

might be self-defense classes available. However, even though

the classes are helpful, do not expect to take down an

attacker. Knowledge and practice can help you get away.

Safety tools such as pepper gel can help you stop an attacker

long enough to get away.

4. Carry Safety Tools

Other safety tools are pepper gel with a wrist strap for when your

hands are carrying books, a wrist alarm with a fitted band ,a stun

gun with an alarm and flashlight . These are great tools . Make

sure you learn how to use your product before you need it.

Pepper gel and pepper spray have a practice container you can

purchase ..

5. Play Safe

When you are out in a group you need to use caution with fun .

Never ,ever leave with someone you just met. Ted Bundy seemed

like a nice guy until it was too late. Play on the friend system and

make sure you and your friend go together and leave together.

Consider carrying a date rape kit to test a drink if you feel it might

have been tampered with. Check our products to learn more .


If you have questions or want more suggestions on keeping you

safe on campus or anywhere else , please contact us . We are

available for personal or group meetings.

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