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Vehicle Safety During Floods

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

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1. Flash Floods are the  number one weather -related killer

in the United States.Most flood related fatalities happen

 because people try to drive through deadly waters rather

 than turning around to avoid them .

2. Inches Count !!! Six inches of water can flood your exhaust 

making your vehicle immobile . The average automobile can be 

swept off the road in only twelve inches of moving water .

3. Avoid driving through water with downed power lines .

Electric current passes through water easily and quickly.

4. If you become trapped in fast rising water immediately 

lower your window . If your window will not lower ,use a tool

 to break a window. .Your windshield will not break as it is 

laminated glass and will not shatter . One of your vehicle 

windows should be tempered glass . Know which of your windows

 is tempered .Make sure you have an auto tool to cut seat belts

 and break glass


5. SECONDS COUNT !!! You could have between 20 to 30 

seconds to exit your vehicle in fast rising water. Some reports say 

let the vehicle fill with water and then you may be able to open 

your door , NO !!! Get out immediately with fast rising water. 

( 1. Get your window down while you can !  2. Cut all seat belts !

  3. Get everybody out ! )

6. If the vehicle is not completely submerged get on top of the 

automobile until help arrives.

                             PLEASE READ THIS !

Autos have 2 kinds of glass-tempered and laminated. Tempered glass

fractures into small chunks to avoid injury by sharp edges.

Laminated glass consist of two or more panes of glass to help

avoid ejection in an accident.and is extremely difficult to break.

It is important to research the glass used in your vehicle to 

know which window is tempered glass. Check  goggle or your 

auto dealer if necessary .Also check our auto tools shown in our 

products for combination window breaker and seat belt cutter.

7. Our best advise is to be prepared ,stay as  calm as possible in an 

emergency but more important if you approach water over the road

                          TURN AROUND - DON'T DROWN

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